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Ancestors of Dr George Frederick Aldous and Isabella Henderson Aldous (Stewart)


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Clare Stewart Sproule (Aldous) - Annotated pedigree updated after Adrian Fletcher's Autumn 2009 travels around England


Link to photo page about the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin, Buriton, and its 1800s Haw and Seward memorials and tombs


Photos of 1915 wedding of George's daughter Clare to Jimmy Sproule and of his family


James Cooper Stewart Story    James Stewart Portraits    Diary of his voyage to Australia    Extract from History of Mallesons    James Stewart's descendants


Aldous Generations - from 12xGrt GFather William Aldous ch c1450 to Grt GFather Dr George Frederick Aldous bu 1937


Whiting Generations - from 10xGrt GFather Nicholas Whiting ch c1572 to 4xGrt GMother Martha who married James Aldous in 1782



1x great grandparents


2x grt gparents 3x grt gparents  


George Frederick Aldous


b 24 Aug 1861 at 14 Lion Terrace, Portsea.

Birth Certificate



Mother Elizabeth contracts scarlet fever and dies when he is just 1.  Collects an uninterested step mother when 5.


1867 March - Florrie (9) with her brother George (5) in the earliest family photo we have.


Trained at Barts Hospital London, and became LRC P & S & Apoth in 1885.  In 1897 became Fellow of Royal College of  Surgeons, Edinburgh.


Link to timeline of George Frederick's life - how did he get to meet the girl from Melbourne?


Carlton House, Plymouth - Aldous family home, now a nursing home (2009).


Working life spent as a doctor and senior surgeon attached to the West Devon and Cornwall Hospital in Plymouth, Devon.  Latterly Surgeon, South Devon and East Cornwall hospitals (Plymouth).


Early 1900s, Plymouth - he photographed well, with a twinkle in his eye!  A territorial (not regular) RAMC soldier, our man liked a bit of uniform and in retirement titled himself "Major, RAMC" in the telephone directory.  This was one of the rare occasions that he was photographed without a cigarette in mouth / hand!


Retires at 60 and moves to Harrow-on-the-Hill in 1921.


Isabella & Dr George Aldous and their grandson Brian Sproule c1932, Harrow


d 27 September 1937 aged 76 whilst living in retirement in Harrow.


Effects £25,293 9s 5d (the age of accuracy!!)



Alexander James (Alex) Aldous


b 21 Jan 1815 Harleston, Norfolk.


A wine merchant who was based on the doorstep of the main Royal Navy base at Portsea where he had a (lucrative) contract to supply them with wine (and possibly rum judging by his estate!)


At the 1841 census, learning the family trade living with a wine merchant in Portsea.  At 1851 census lodging with a surgeon / farmer at nearby Boarhunt (pron Borunt) farm.


Marries Elizabeth Seward Thursday May 24 1855 at Buriton Parish Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, but tragically she dies of Scarlet Fever on Christmas Day, 1862. 3 year old James had died a couple of days earlier, and daughter Elizabeth Harriett had previously died in 1857.  Little children Florence and George survive and then have to endure boarding schools and an unsympatico step mother Mary.


d. in Portsea (/Southsea - parish of St Kevin (?!?) on 23 March 1879 aged 64, an unhappy rich man, worth about £35,000 (probate) in 1879 pounds - a few mil today!  The Paymaster of the Royal Navy was one of his executors!


Buried in St Mary Redenhall where his father had been church warden for 35 years. 




1855 Marriage Certificate




James Aldous


b 7 February 1785 Redenhall (nr Harleston) Norfolk.


m 10 Jul 1809 All Saints, Mendham, Suffolk,  just south of Harleston (by licence).


To be found in Trade Directories 1830 & 1839 Pigots, 1845 White's, 1850 Hunt's & 1854 Whites (overview of all directories)



Harleston c1820 and today



A family register (23.5cm x 30.5cm) written by James or Harriette around 1825 - click image to enlarge


1841 Census - family at Redenhall


1851 Census - living in Harleston with wife, 2 daughters & 2 servants.


Wine Merchant, Maltster, Brewer & Porter Merchant, Publican ("The Grapes Tap") and Farmer - mostly in partnership with brother John (d1850).  Leading citizen.


d 1 May 1859 (74) Harleston / Redenhall (Depwade register) - buried in St Mary Redenhall where he was church warden for 35 years (from 1819 to 1854).


Effects - under £3,000 - comfortable but not in the same league as his dad or son Alex.



from the North-West


St Mary, Redenhall - a very tall elegant priory church


from the North - the Aldous family graves are just to the right



most links below are to Parish Register originals, so to save clutter  we have not used this logo!



James Aldous


ch 29 April 1757 Starston (nr Harleston), Norfolk (page includes 2 of Martha's sisters)There are also records of the christenings of some brothers and sisters in Starston.


A Grocer when he married Martha Whiting on 6 Aug 1782 (Redenhall)


bu 1810 (53) Starston - "James Aldous from Harleston aged 53 was buried May 10 1810"Photo of Vault Tomb


He died a very wealthy (£10,000 - £12,500 was noted on the will at probate) merchant & farmer.


AND we have, thanks to the kindness of the Norfolk records office, located his original will ...








James (above) was the son of another James Aldhowse / Aldis / Aldous and Catherine Boar of Starston.


James: ch 2 June 1718 (Denton) (as an "Aldhowse")



m. Catherine Boar 30 September 1746, Starston (banns) as an Aldis.


bu. 14 Feb 1775, Starston no grave identified


Catherine Boar: b c1716 (not Starston?)

bu. 19 February 1797 (81) Starston, again no grave identified




earlier still

James Aldhowse (above), later Aldis & Aldous, was the son of Robert Aldhowse (also Aldis / Aldys) (c1673 - c1741 (68))  and Elizabeth Nudd, his first wife.  They were married in Earsham on 24 October 1711.  Elizabeth died in May 1722 (buried in Denton) and Robert married another Elizabeth (Ellis) in Denton on September 30 1722.




earlier still

Robert Aldhowse (also Aldis / Aldys) was the son of another Robert Aldous (1640 - 1703 (63)) and Jane Meen, who were married in Alburg (Norfolk) on 14 October 1672.




earlier still

Robert Aldhous was the son of George Aldous and Ann Saier, who were married in 1627 in Rushall. (3rd entry!)




even earlier

George Aldous (1562 - ?) was married to Grace Matchet (1571 - 1651 (80).  Grace was buried in St Mary, Pulham, on 15 July 1651, with Latin.


Our data goes back another 3 generations to William Aldous of Fressingfield (c1450 - 1531 (81)) who was 40 years senior to Henry VIII and died before our Henry got stuck into Rome and (more importantly) the monastic wealth of England.  The complete list of names is here.




most links in this column are to Parish Register originals.



Martha Aldous (Whiting)


ch 23 Jul 1754 - Starston (plus a brother and sister on this parish register page)


m James Aldous 6 Aug 1782 (Redenhall)


bu 17 May 1824 (70) Starston see photo on left for tomb.





St Margaret, Starston - James & Martha Aldous are in the vault tomb, Martha's parents, John and Mary Whiting, are in graves near the bush to the left of the vault.  John's mother Abigail is buried just on the other side of the vault, though her hubbie (also) John lies in Homersfield where his family came from.  James' parents - James Aldous & Catherine Boar were buried here but their grave has not survived.



St Margaret, Starston

Aldous, Whiting



The Redenhall graves of James and Harriette Aldous and other members of his and her families



St Mary, Redenhall - Graves' Overview

Aldous, Poole, Abel



St Mary, Redenhall - Grave Inscriptions

Aldous, Poole, Abel






A family register (23.5cm x 30.5cm) written by Harriette around 1825 - click image to enlarge






Martha (above) was the daughter of (Gentleman) John Whiting & Mary Meen. 


Mary - d 7 June 1758 (Starston gravestone but no burial record).  Unusually for those days Mary must have had assets in her own name, as John was appointed administrator of her estate in 1766. After Mary's death John married Ann someone in 1760. 


John - ch c1725 in Homersfield, home of the Whiting family.  Bu 17 May 1771 (46) Starston and amazingly his gravestone is not only still there, but also in excellent nick.  We have also been able to photograph his original 1771 will at the NRO.  After John Whiting's death his second wife Ann married Samuel Waller in 1773.




earlier still

John was the son of (Yeoman) John Whiting  (1688 - 1729 (41)) and wife Abigail Musk (possibly Mush).


We have photographed Yeoman John Whiting's original May 1729 will at the NRO.  .



There is also a 1729 Homersfield burial record for John Whiting and in 2014 we found his (wordless) gravestone.


Abigail - who lived on for a further 23 years - was bu 7 April 1752 in a grave in Starston close to those of her sons John & Charles and granddaughter Martha Aldous.  We also have her will.



earlier still

John was the eldest son of (Yeoman) James Whiting and wife Ann Neech of Homersfield.  In 1709 James Whiting was Lord of the (wincy) Manor of Limbourne (next to Homersfield) which he had bought.  "My Manor of Lymbon" is included in his 1728 will - we have a photo of the original.




James was buried in Homersfield on 9 February 1728.  In 2014 we located the broken slab from James' grave and a separate wordless gravestone next door belonging to Ann.



earlier still

James was the eldest son of (Yeoman) William Whiting and wife Elizabeth Wiseman of Homersfield.  They were married on 26 Sept 1654 in St Mary, Diss after bans were read at Alborough.  We have brilliant photos of William's original 1683 will (that's when Charles II was King) and Elizabeth's 1698 will, and both their probate inventories.




Elizabeth was buried in South Elmham, St James, the daddy church of the S Elmham group, on 20 April 1698 (no gravestone found)


A contemporary local image of how William & Elizabeth Whiting would have dressed up


Ann Neech was the daughter of Robert and Anna Neech of Pulham St Mary the Virgin



earlier still

William Whiting was the son of Arthur Whiteing and wife Elizabeth of Homersfield.  His father's name came from William's will - nothing more known yet ...



earlier still

Arthur Whiting was the son of Nicholas Whiting (1572-1634 (62)) and wife Mary Keble - nothing more known yet ...



Harriette Aldous (Poole)


b 8 April 1783 ch 18 April 1783 at St Mary, Redenhall


m 10 Jul 1809 All Saints, Mendham - just south of Harleston (and in Suffolk).


Entry in Pallot's Marriage Index


All Saints Church, Mendham, Sussex


bu 13 October 1866 (83), St Mary Redenhall


Effects under £450.



John Poole


b May 1741 - Fincham, Norfolk


m married twice (1769 & 1777) - see below


A wealthy mercer / linnen (sic) draper in Harleston (Norfolk).  We have records of several lads who were apprenticed to him, but his own apprenticeship has proved elusive.  He seems to have worshipped at the tumbledown old market place chapel of St John the Baptist, rather than it's big daddy and record keeper a mile or two away at Redenhall.  In the late 1780s his home and family christenings move to Mendham, which sadly from a record point of view is (just) in Suffolk.  He kept his shop in Harleston (the lovely old house is still there, though no longer a shop) run as a partnership with son Thomas till they parted company in 1810..


Bu in Weybread (Suffolk), 27 January 1812 aged 70, with his first wife Elizabeth (Bond)

The record confirms that he was at that time  "of Mendham".  They were buried under a slab up against the chancel wall to the west of the priests' door.  Is it still there? 



His second wife Sarah (Poole) and some of their children are buried with members of the James Aldous family in Redenhall St Mary.


We have a photo of the original of his 1808 will, which rewards all his living children except Harriette Aldous !




John Poole's presumptive parents were farmer Robert Poole (1692-1749) and Martha Wright ( ? - 1788) of Fincham.




m1: Elizabeth Poole (Bond), and they had 3 children.


b not known yet


m 24 January 1769, St Mary, Bramford, Suffolk


bu 13 Aug 1773, St Andrew, Weybread, Suffolk next to priests' door.



m2: Sarah Poole (Strutt) - Mother of Harriette and 11 other children.


b 25 February 1758, Ch 9 October 1758 St Mary, Diss (Norfolk).


m 24 April 1777, St Mary Redenhall both John and Sarah "of the Parish of Redenhall".


d 12 December 1836 in Kentish Town aged 78


bu alongside daughter Harriette Aldous in Redenhall







Sarah Strutt was a daughter of Alexander Strutt (1731 - 1771 (40)) (ch Lammas 1731) and Mary Strutt (Salmon) (1724 - 1790 (66)) of Diss (Norfolk).  They were married in Diss on 20 June 1756 (Alexander was then "from Gissing"), both of them signing the register.





Alexander Strutt was a son of Carnaby jnr and Sarah Strutt (  ), latterly of Gissing / Wattisfield (N and S of Diss)


We thought that Mary Salmon was the daughter of Henry Salmon (aka Salman) and Sarah Salmon (Page) of Norwich who were married in St Peter Mancroft, Norwich on St Valentine's Day 1719, but this now seems unlikely - looking for another Mary Salmon ....





Carnaby Strutt jnr was a son of Carnaby snr and Jane Strutt (Wilson) who were married in St Bride, Fleet Street, in April 1701.















1 - Elizabeth Haw Aldous (Seward)


b Ch 26 May 1824 Weston, Buriton (Hampshire)



m 24 May 1855 Alex Aldous, wine merchant, in St Mary, Buriton.


d Christmas Day 1862, aged 38, of scarlet fever caught from a child-nurse, leaving Florence (4) and George (1) motherless.  There is a sad memorial plaque above the Norman font where she would have been christened, in St Mary the Virgin Parish Church, Buriton.


One of Elizabeth's brothers was another Samuel Seward (known as Colonel Seward).



2 - Mary Constance Aldous (Gray), b1844, m 1 May 1866, living in Portsea in 1871.  They had a son, Bertie , in 1874, though the family doubted that Alex was the father and dubbed him "Bertie Banks" in a thinly veiled allusion to his real (they thought) parentage!  Alex stoked the flames by seeming strangely unhappy about the event.  Mary remarried after Alex's death in 1879 - Henry Sedgwick (RN Fleet Surgeon) and had a daughter Louise.  Bertie became a surgeon, did not marry and left lots of moolah to the sea scouts.






Elizabeth Seward (Stevenson) was 31 when she married Thomas in 1776, and 56 when her tenth child Benjamin was born in 1800.  Nearly all of her children were christened in the Wisborough Green church.



St Peter ad Vincula, Wisborough Green




Samuel Thomas Seward


Yeoman - child number 4.


b 1787 Loxwood (N of Wisborough Green), Sussex, then moved aged 13 with dad & family to Weston c1804 and immediately got stuck in to building a humungous windmill at Weston Farm.


m 6 March 1821 - Old Church, St Pancras, London

Like his dad Thomas, Samuel went north to London to find a bride.


1841 et seq censuses - Yeoman (tenant) Farmer of c800 acres of tithes with hops, sheep, lime burning (Butser Hill), and of course the huge windmill in Weston (nr Buriton), Hampshire.  1841  1851  1861 


d 25 Dec 1867 (80) Weston, Buriton (Petersfield register) - Tomb / Plaque in St Mary the Virgin Parish Church, Buriton.


Effects under £12,000.



Thomas Seward


Yeoman (tenant) farmer of Loxwood, Sussex (though Wisborough Green was the Parish Church where the Ch/M/B events happened).  Then c1804 (aged 56) moved to Weston (near Buriton) with his Londoner wife (who did not last long) and son Samuel (aged 17) to take up leases there and start the ball rolling for 100 years in the Weston sun for the Sewards.


Ch 9 November 1748 (Wisborough Green)


m: 10 October 1776 in St Martin in the Fields, Charing Cross, Westminster - both signed the register.



There is a copy of his will c1813 in the National Archive's Bonham-Carter papers (the Bonham-Carters were major local landowners and have several memorials in the Buriton Parish church).  Link to transcript. (easier to read!).  The will includes a list of his children and the identity of his father-in-law Thomas Stevenson.


d Will proved 1817




Thomas (above) was a son of John Seward the Elder ( ? - bef1765) of Brewhurst (farm & mill) near Loxwood, and his wife Hannah Lidbetter (1719 - 1799 (80)) originally from Bramber.  They were married in Steyning on 1 July 1742. Their six sons are listed in a lease and release document held in the National Archives (and their christenings are also on Family Search).


Brewhurst Mill & Farm






We think that John (above) was a son of another John Seward, a draper from Alton who married Ann Pay in Empshott on 2 April 1711.




and we think that Hannah Lidbetter of Bramber was the daughter of Thomas Lidbetter and Elizabeth Evans, who were married in St Nicholas, Bramber on 29 April 1714.




Elizabeth Seward (Stevenson)


m: 10 October 1776 in St Martins in the Field, Charing Cross, Westminster


bu not found yet - still alive at death of Thomas.




Elizabeth (above) was the daughter and administratrix of Thomas Stevenson, who was buried in SS Peter & Paul, Godalming, on 5 April 1803, and his wife Mary ( ? ) who was buried in the same graveyard on 3 November 1796.




Elizabeth Seward (Haw)


b 26 August 1791, St Pancras


m 6 March 1821 - Old Church, St Pancras, London


Old Church, St Pancras, early 1800s


How did she meet Yeoman Farmer Seward ?


d 29 Dec 1858 (67) Buriton, Hampshire -


Tomb / Plaque in St Mary the Virgin Parish Church, Buriton.



William Haw


b 1764 - place unknown.


m 14 October 1790 in St George's Church, Hanover Sq (Westminster) where both he and Elizabeth were parishioners.


A joiner / carpenter turned (wealthy) builder


l after marriage in Petty's Court, Hanway Street (links Oxford Street & Tottenham Court Road, London, still) - in those days in the huge Parish of (Old) St Pancras.  Retired to Weston some time in the '30s after death of wife Elizabeth in 1829.


d 1839 (75) (Weston, Buriton) - his must be the moolah behind the large sarcophagus tomb and burst of south aisle plaques in St Mary the Virgin Parish Church, Buriton.  And now there's nary a Seward left!


We have a copy of the Canterbury register copy of William Haw's 1835 / 1839 will.



Elizabeth Haw (Shaw)


b c1763 - there are at least two possibilities.


m 14 October 1790 in St George's Church, Hanover Sq (Westminster) where both he and Elizabeth were parishioners.


l London (Hanway / Oxford Sts, St Pancras)


d 1829 (63) (London).  Buried in the crypt of the New St Pancras Church - MI'd in Buriton.




Marriage Certificate, September 1887



Aldous / Stewart chronology and document links


Isabella Henderson Aldous (Bella) (Stewart)


b 5 January 1865, Melbourne (Australia).


Accompanies parents on their European Grand Tour in 1881 - 82.  Did she meet future hubbie on this tour?


m 7 September 1877 (Ma's birthday) Dr George Frederick Aldous, a Plymouth surgeon, in Saint Stephens Church, Gloucester Road (London SW7).  Mum and Dad come from Melbourne to mastermind the event from a South Kensington hotel.


The mid 1800s church of St Stephen, Gloucester Road, London



4 daughters, only one of whom (Clare) married.


Moves to Harrow-on-the-Hill in 1921 when George retires.  Provides a base for grand daughter Peggy and later grandson Brian when they get sent to the UK for schooling.


d 5 July 1938 aged 73, living in Harrow.


Effects £3,769 11s 11d


Birth Record





James Cooper Stewart



James Stewart's illustrated story


photos of James Stewart


diary of his 1857 voyage to Australia


Bio in history of Mallesons


James Stewart's children & descendants


b 24 January 1836 in Brechin, Angus, Scotland.  Shown living in Brechin in 1841 & 1851 census records


Departs Brechin on 1 June 1857 to travel from Liverpool to Melbourne on the famous clipper "Marco Polo" "The Fastest Ship in the World".  Writes a diary on the way (we have a copy of original and transcript).  Arrives in Melbourne 3rd September 1857.


Marco Polo Passenger List Extract


m Amelia Waugh in 1860.


1868 becomes a partner in the Melbourne legal firm that became Malleson & Stewart.


Extensive diaried (we have them - not transcribed yet) grand tour to France, Italy, England, Ireland and Scotland 1881-82.


Councillor, Alderman then Mayor of Melbourne 1885-86, and later City Solicitor.


Portraits in mayoral gear and with family


Travels back to England in 1877 for the September marriage of eldest daughter Isabella in London.


Marries a second time in 1911 (see below) - divorces in 1916 and lots of lolly later.


d 18 August 1919 aged 83 - in Southsea (Hampshire), on a visit to daughters in England.  Probably buried with Amelia in Barnes.


Will   Probate



James Stewart Snr


b 18 Oct 1804, Dundee, Scotland.


m 21 Dec 1833, Brechin, Angus.


Lived in Brechin (Angus) (latterly 62, High Street) and like his father was a master house painter.  The Brechin building is still there (see Google Earth) - now a dilapidated shopfront.


d 27 Oct 1867 (63), Brechin, Angus



James Stewart Snr Snr


b ?


m 10 Feb 1803, Edinburgh Parish


Another Master House Painter.


d ?



Elizabeth Stewart (Hamilton)


b 2 Mar 1782, Gladsmuir


This page from "Scotland's People" also records the birth of her brother George 7 years earlier.


d ?




Elizabeth (above) was the daughter of Alexander & Elizabeth Hamilton (Brodie) - m Jul 1777 in Gladsmuir.  "Hamilton" was the primary Christian name of a sister and daughter of James Stewart Snr.




Mary (May) Stewart (Falconer)


b 15 March 1811 Montrose, Scotland.


d 8 April 1867 (56) Brechin, Angus



John Falconer


b ?


m 24 Oct 1804 Laurencekirk


Agricultural labourer living in Montrose.


d ?



Jean Falconer (Cooper)


l St Cyrus (beautiful beach place) before marriage.  Note that the marriage contracts record from St Cyrus uses "Cooper" rather than "Couper" as in Laurencekirk.


This would be the origin of the "Cooper" in James Cooper Stewart



1. Amelia Henderson Stewart (Ma) (Waugh)


b 7 September 1841 in Melbourne.


Birth Record


m James Stewart, 16 June 1860 in the garden of her widowed mother's house in Collingwood (Melbourne).


They have 14 children of whom only 6 survive into adulthood.


7 September 1886 - as Mayoress of Melbourne she lays the foundation stone of the Princes Bridge.  They say the ceremony was boycotted by the largely English  establishment - as a protest against a lowly Australian born (and worse, like Presbyterian) woman doing the job rather than the (wife of the) colonial governor (Sir Henry Brougham Lock).


Photo of the Foundation Stone Ceremony


d in Barnes (London) on a visit to daughter Edith Staples in 3rd Qtr 1903, aged 62.  Buried in Barnes somewhere.


2.  Then on 26 August 1911 JCS (75) marries 31 year old divorcee Edith Rosa Frances Cowling (née Muston).  Edith had journeyed (often with her formidable mother) via a mechanic father (Muston) in Kings Norton (near Leicester England), a fishmonger step father (Hyland) in Leeds, and a pearler husband (Cowling) on the Torres Strait Island of Maubiag (divorced in 1910), to owning and operating Hygeia Ltd, a dermatology & hair beautifying business in Sydney, when she met and seduced our James ...... Unsurprisingly things did not work out, and after she had spent a couple of years living in New York and London at JC's expense he called time, and an acrimonious 8 day court hearing in Spring 1916 in front of the Chief Justice of Victoria resulted in James getting huge publicity and a decree nisi on the grounds of desertion.  Not clear what happened to all the money he was trying to claw back.  Edith the gold digger died aged 60 in Forest Hill, Melbourne, on 6 August 1940.



Robert Waugh


b Feb 1803, a master baker from Belfast.


m Isabella Henderson in Belfast c1827.  No (Presbyterian) record found yet.


Sails from Belfast on 9 November 1838 with pregnant wife and 2 sons on the Government contracted 500 ton barque Garrow to Sydney, then the James Barry on to Melbourne, arriving 28 April 1839.


Garrow Passenger List Extract

             LHS      RHS


Arrival papers.  We also have an extract from the ship's surgeon's log.


His bakery and family home was a wooden building at No 22 Little Bourke Street, where he was allocated convict labour to help out.  There are several mentions of him in directories etc.


d 1856 aged 56 as per records of Old Melbourne Cemetery - bones now somewhere under the Queen Victoria Markets.  Sadly there's no sign of a Victorian death record (which would identify his parents).





Robert Waugh


Miller, farmer, land steward - Old Park, Co Antrim (now in Belfast)






Isabella Waugh (Henderson)


b 12 August 1803 in Belfast, Ireland, one of at least 8 children of Belfast merchant / newspaper proprietor James Henderson. Marries local baker Robert Waugh c1827, and later sails with him to Australia in 1838.


She has about 10 children (one born at sea en route to Australia), 7 outlive her.


d 1872 (69) - 44 Lygon St, Carlton, Melbourne (buried in the Old Melbourne Cemetery, and now lying somewhere under the Queen Victoria Markets).


Death Record



James Henderson


b c1766


"Belfast Merchant" (in Isabella's death cert).  The Hendersons were a leading 1800s Presbyterian Belfast family - merchants, (Newry & Belfast) newspaper proprietors, churchmen, and later mayors.


d 28 July 1834 (68)



Amelia Henderson (Shanks and / or McGill)


b 1771


Shanks is the maiden name in Isabella's death register entry.  Isabella's NSW entry papers said Amelia's maiden name was McGill  (possibly she was a widow when she married James).


d 9 April 1844 (73)



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