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When I started out down the family history records track I thought that my research was unlikely to go much further back than six generations to the early 1800s.  Well, how wrong can you be .... we have now uncovered a wealth of fascinating information and documents from the 1800s, 1700s, 1600s  and earlier.  The format below was not designed to handle these riches, but we have squeezed most of the extra generations into the family tree pages for each of my great grandparent couples:


Burton / Middlecoat / Locke / Hampton / Webber Pages       Fletcher / Procter Pages       Aldous / Whiting / Stewart / Seward Pages       Sproule Pages


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Generation / Name



Birth / Christening


Death / Burial



30 names


great great great

(3 x Grt) grandparents

sixth generation births are all before British central records start in 1837



rloc = record identifier located

searchable = record probably exists - not yet searched for.

Probate records start in 1861




New Year's Day for 1752 in England was reset to January 1st - up until this time it had been on March 25th, so there was no January 1 - March 24 1751!  The first three months of years before this are sometimes shown with two year numbers - eg Jan 1550/51 - for clarity.  Also, in order to effect the change to the Gregorian Calendar, the English days September 2 - 14 1752 were disappeared - Nick Middlecoat jnr  (b August 1752) damn nearly arrived on earth in a calendrical black hole !







Sorry, but in the earlier days of research we were a bit sloppy about distinguishing between Birth and Christening dates (only of material impact in India!)





Thomas Fletcher*

the last woolcomber (raw wool cleaner)

Ch Christmas Day 1799

St Michael & all Angels, Haworth




24 July 1821

St Michael & all Angels, Haworth



d: 1st Qtr 1883 (aged 84)

Keighley 9a 161


17 of the 50 people on 1841 census page 32 were Fletchers !


Parents were Thomas Snr (b1769) and Grace (also b1769), who  were living next door in Coldwell at the 1841 census both aged 72. 


Thos was the son of James Fletcher and Sarah Radcliffe of Coldwell.




Mary Fletcher (Rushworth)





Ch 20 October 1801

St Michael & all Angels, Haworth




bu 9 September 1836, aged 35,

St Michael & all Angels, Haworth




William Dixon*


the cotton power loom worker / manager, clothes-shop keeper, author of political tracts.



1810 Shitlington (now Overton), Nr Thornhill,  Yorkshire




27 June 1831

St Michael & All Angels, Thornhill by Dewsbury, Yorkshire




14 February 1887 (77) in Heywood (Lancashire) where they had been living & running a shop for a long time


bu - Todmorden


Probate   Writings



William & Susan, and William's parents William & Mary share a slab grave in row 42, Christchurch, Todmorden


Susan Dixon (Sutcliffe)*

the cotton mill owner's daughter

5 May 1811, Clough, Stansfield (Nr Ovendon) Baptised 2 August 1811 in the Baptist Chapel, Heptonstall


23 December 1893 (82), living with family of daughter Sarah in Rochdale, Lancs.




Susan's Father was John Sutcliffe (b1786 Heptonstall, West Yorkshire. Latterly Proprietor, Prospect (Cotton Spinning) Mill, Overton (d Dec 1863 (77))  Probate.  Her mother Elizabeth was b1791 (d before 1861).


Robert Procter*

druggist, latterly based in Walmgate, York

11 May 1794 Barnard Castle



24 January 1819

All Saints C of E, North St, York (by the river)




20 years after Robert's early death Elizabeth married farmer George Kettlewell in Birkenhead Parish Church on 16 Oct 1861


2 Aug 1842 (48) Walmgate, York  rloc


Buried in public grave 8068 in York Cemetery with a family headstone added 30 years' later - c1873.





Robert's father Joseph was b c1764 & m Mary Harrison on 12 March 1792 at Barnard Castle (St Marys, CofE) (first of 3 wives who are all buried in the same grave in St Marys).  He died in 1847 aged 83 and was probably buried with the three wives!  Will


Joseph's father Robert (a Farmer) and grandmother Elizabeth were buried in St Mary, Barnard castle, in 1799 and 1805, both aged 68.


Joseph's grandmother Ann was buried at Staindrop in 1733.  Grandfather Robert held a number of positions in Old Brignall and may have been buried there.


Elizabeth Procter (Ashton)*

Coachman's daughter from York

2 Sept 1801 York,

baptised at St Olave, York, on 6 September 1801

22 Sept 1873 (72) - Haxby, York.  Buried in St Mary's Church (Grave 22/09) with second husband, George Kettlewell.




No Probate record.


Elizabeth's father John Ashton (coachman) m Sarah Stubbins (sic) (b 1760) on 20 Oct 1783 at All Saints Church, Bubwith, Yorkshire.


Sarah's parents Joseph Stubings (sic) and Saray Heels - were m 26 Nov 1745 at Bubwith.



Matthew Dobson



mystery sailor - a mostly absent master mariner


No Birth Record found yet


St Mary, Scarborough

22 December 1827



also transcript of church register in Scarborough Library


pre 1851 (and probably mid 1830s) - no death or burial record found


Elizabeth Dobson (Stringer)*

the milliner

ch 19 October 1803 St Mary, Scarborough



also transcript of church register in Scarborough Library


d 19 February 1880 in




1880 (77) - Scarborough rloc

Buried in Dean Rd Cemetery, Scarborough C15-23

No Probate record.






Elizabeth's parents were William (b Nov 1777) & Mary Stringer (Short) (m 13 Aug 1797).


Her grandparents included Edmond (b1745) & Elizabeth Stringer (Irish) (m 31 Oct 1776).


Her great grandparents included Francis & Arabella Stringer (Darlinghurst) (m 31 Mar 1743 the first marriage of the 1743-44 year).


All marriages at and records from St Mary's Parish Church, Scarborough.










John Adolphus Burton

Dublin labourer then Matross - Conductor - Gunner in the Madras Artillery

5 April 1795

in St Paul's, Dublin (COI)



3 December 1817, St Mary's,

Fort St George, Madras




Bu 26 January 1827 (31), Nagapore




Father (also John Adolphus) and mother (Alice Hall) married 15 January 1791, St Mary Dublin.


Recruited in Dublin into the Madras Artillery, and embarked from Chatham for India in the "Regent" in 1716.


A decade in the Madras Artillery sun ended in demotion and early death.


Susanna Burton (  / Habernack) )

Illiterate Madras "Native" (as per marriage record)



Bu 18 Dec 1850 (59), Madras




Henry Webber

Madras Clerk


b: 18 July 1784

baptised: 13 February 1814, Blacktown, Madras




21 March 1812, St Mary's Church, Fort St George,  Madras




Bu 22 January 1854 (69),

St Mary, Fort St George, Madras



Illegitimate Anglo-Indian son of Maj-Gen Henry Webber of Braunton, Devon.  More detail here.

Jane Webber (Johana Dosseyn)



Date from burial record


9 July 1878 (79)

 Washermanpettah, Madras




Capt George Middlecoat

the Madras Artillery officer

Truro, Cornwall

1 Sept 1802




Madras Military Fund Record


5 January 1826, St Thomas

Mount, Madras



14 February 1845 (42) Belgaum, India



died from sunstroke (in winter)


George was the son of a Duchy of Cornwall inn-keeper and political fixer  Nicholas Middlecoat (1752 - 1844 (92)) and his wife Ruth Middlecoat (Hambly) from Tregony (Cornwall).



Click here for a special page about the earlier Middlecoats and their ancestors in Tregony, Cornwall, with links to family papers and lots of 1600 & 1700 church CMB records


Susanna Palmer Middlecoat (Hampton)

granddaughter of Colonel Sam


Sankerrydroog (Sankaridurg)


12 July 1808



28 March 1870 (62)

Surrey rloc



Father: Capt James Hampton ch Nov 1784 Calcutta, m Mrs Mary Forster (b1786) in Sankerrydroog in 1807, he drowned in a shipwreck on 11 August 1821.  Mary bu St Thomas Mount, Madras in 1855 aged 69 MMF Record.


Grandfather Col Samuel Hampton lived in Calcutta (Bengal Presidency).  He married Margaret Hick on 1 September 1765 in Calcutta.  Samuel was born in Calcutta on 5 October 1735, Margaret in Calcuutta on 28 November 1748.  Margaret died on 11 September 1784 in Calcutta aged 36Colonel Samuel died at 6.30 am on 7 May 1786 aged 51.






Sam's parents were Charles and  Martha Hampton of Calcutta.  Margaret's parents were Albert Samuel Hick and Anna Hick (later Costelly) of Calcutta also.  Charles Hampton arrived in Calcutta in the boat "King William" in 1710 and rose to be a member of the EICo (Calcutta) Council.


Samuel Richard Locke

indigo planter / colonial administrator / tax collector / magistrate & bankrupt - all in Madras Presidency.

1826 Samuel Richard Locke baptised in Madras





9 March 1849





Charlotte was the widow of August Johan Adolph Rehling.  They had been married in Calcutta Cathedral in the Bengal Presidency on 26 Sep 1837.



14 March 1894 (68) rloc

Chiswick (London)





Samuel's father was Capt Thomas Locke, who was christened on 16 March 1788 in St Anne's, Soho (London) and died in Madras 30 July 1850 aged 62 ( Will ).


Thomas' parents were Thomas Locke and Elizabeth Lang, married in St Lukes, Finsbury, on 27 March 1785.


Thomas Locke's father was Thomas (Locke) of Taunton, brewer / maltster (maybe).


Sam's mother was Thomas' second wife Indiana Laura Shaw ch aged 1, 10 Jul 1803, m in Quilon Madras on 8 June 1822 d 17 Aug 1827.  Her parents were John and Margaret Shaw. 



Charlotte Sophia Jane Nasky Locke (Rehling, née Jansen)


a bit of a (Danish) cougar


possibly Denmark


1889 Madras, India



Daughter of Johan Jansen (?).  Also had 3 sons by first hubbie August Rehling.










Thomas Sproule









? Sproule (Blake)







John Robinson



1775 Fintona, Co Tyrone

1812, Aughadulla,

Co Tyrone

1825 Fintona, Co Tyrone



Sarah Robinson (Harpur)




1817 Fintona, Co Tyrone



Thomas Sproule - same as above









? Sproule (Blake) - same as above







Arthur Davis







Name on daughter's wedding record


Mrs Davis















James Aldous*



the Norfolk Wine Merchant, Maltster, Brewer & Porter Merchant, Publican ("The Grapes"), Farmer long term Church Warden.


Hand-written family bible register of family names and dates.




b 7 February 1785 Redenhall (nr Harleston) Norfolk.



All Saints, Mendham



10 July 1809



Harleston -1 May 1859

rloc & Bible Register


buried St Mary, Redenhall


Photos of James and Harriette's  grave


Photos of Aldous Family Graves


Aldous Grave Inscriptions



James' parents were James Aldous Snr and Martha (Whiting)  of Harleston who were buried in a vault grave in St Margaret's Church, Starson.  We have also identified several generations of their parents, and there are links to several parish records here.


Wills of James Aldous & James Aldous Snr



Harriette Aldous (Poole )*



the girl from Mendham


Register from Family Bible



8 April 1783

Harleston or Mendham,





bu 13 October 1866 (83), St Mary Redenhall



Harriette was the daughter of John and Sarah Poole (Strutt) who were married in St Mary Redenhall on 24 April 1777


John Poole's Will plus notes.



Samuel Seward*


the Sussex then Hampshire yeoman (tenant) farmer who moved from Loxwood to Weston in 1804 and built a very big windmill and a very successful agri-mining business.

January 1787


ch Wisborough Green,

W Sussex

Old Church, St Pancras

6 March 1821



25 November 1867 (80) Weston, nr Buriton (rloc Petersfield)




Memorials and Tombs in Buriton Parish Church



Samuel's dad Thomas (born 1748) married Elizabeth Stevenson in St Martin in the Fields on 10 October 1776.  He died in 1813, leaving an interesting will  (transcript) and the 26 year old Samuel in charge of Weston and its humungous windmill.


Thomas' parents were Yeoman Farmer John Seward and his wife Hannah (Lidbetter) of Brewhurst Farm, Loxwood.



how on earth did Samuel meet .....


Elizabeth Seward (Haw)*



Link to photo page about Buriton and the Sewards


the Londoner - only surviving child of a rich builder who eventually built himself a big sarcophagus outside the south door of St Mary Buriton.


b 26 August 1791,

St Pancras



December 1858 (66)

Weston, nr Buriton

(rloc Petersfield)



Elizabeth's parents were builder William (1764 - 1839) & wife Elizabeth Haw (Shaw) (1767 - 1829) from Hanway St / Oxford St (then in the parish of St Pancras).  They were m in 1790 in St George, Hanover Sq, Westminster


Elizabeth's 1829 St Pancras Burial RecordMemorial and Tomb in Buriton Parish Church.   


William Haw's Will


James Stewart Snr*

the Brechin house painter

October 1804




21 December 1833




October 28 1867





James Stewart's father (also James and also a house painter) married Elizabeth Hamilton (b1782in Edinburgh on 10 February 1803.


Elizabeth's father Alexander married Elizabeth Brodie in Gladsmuir on 25 July 1777.



Mary (May) Stewart (Falconer)*


Montrose girl

March 1811




April 11 1867






Mary's parents John Falconer (Agricultural Labourer)  and Jean Cooper married in Laurencekirk Parish Church on 24 October 1804.


Robert Waugh

the Belfast baker and assisted immigrant to Victoria

c1800, probably Old Park, Co Antrim (now part of Belfast, N Ireland)

c1827, Belfast, Ireland



10 July 1856 (56) Melbourne (Old Cemetery Record Book)

No government death record located. 





Garrow passenger list - 1838 / 39 - the Waugh family (2 + 2 + 1 on the voyage) sails from Belfast Sydney. LHS  RHS Arrival Documents.  Then on to Melbourne on the John Barry.


Robert was the son of Robert - Miller, Farmer, Land Steward, of Old Park, Co Antrim.


Isabella was the daughter of James Henderson and Amelia Shanks (and/or McGill) (Belfast).  The Hendersons were leading merchants, newspaper proprietors and Presbyterian churchmen. Henderson link



Isabella Waugh (Henderson)


the Belfast Henderson

bAugust 12 1803, Belfast, Ireland


August 12 1872 (69)

Melbourne (register)


Death Cert





* located in one or more England / Scotland censuses between 1841 and 1911





UK Probate records cover 1861-1941, but some years are missing.



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