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Generation / Name



Birth / Christening


Death / Burial



* located in one or more England / Scotland / Ireland / Canada censuses between 1841 and 1911



Sorry, but in the earlier days of research we were a bit sloppy about distinguishing between Birth and Christening dates



death places are mostly where they were living

rloc = record identifier located

searchable = record probably exists - not yet searched for.

UK central probate records go from 1861 - 1941 with some years' missing.








  (age at death)


Adrian Fletcher


1943 Cairo, Egypt

orig & copy


1974 Sydney, Australia

(ended 1994)




Angela Williams (Fletcher)


1946 Barnstable, Devon


1971 Sandgate, Kent





Generation / Name



Birth / Christening


Death / Burial










Michael Fletcher

the gaffer

1918 Princes Gate, London


1941 All Saints Cathedral, Cairo

(ended c1950)


1997 (89) Ashford (livng at Folkestone, Kent)


1) Peggy Fletcher (Sproule)


1917 Plymouth, Devon

1995 (88) Dover (living at Seabrook, Hythe, Kent)


2) Anita Fletcher (Williams)







Generation / Name



Birth / Christening


Death / Burial










Dr Jimmy Fletcher*

horse loving physician

1890 Folkestone, Kent


1915 St Mary Magdalene Parish Church, Milton (Hants).



1974 (84) Folkestone, Kent


WWI medal record card

Ethel Fletcher (Burton)*

Indian Army Doctor's Daughter


1890 Mangalore, India



1968 (78) Folkestone, Kent



Brigadier Jimmy Sproule*

WWI Western Front Field Ambulance CO, Senior RAMC Officer

1887 "Denamona", Fintona, Co Tyrone,  N Ireland


1915 Emmanuel Parish Church, Compton Gifford, Plymouth (Devon).


1954 (66) (Taunton) Somerton, Somerset


WWI, James Sproule, 131 Field Ambulance, the Royal Welsh Fusiliers and the 38th (Welsh) Division




Clare Sproule (Aldous)*

Army wife, serious photographer & adventurer

1891 Plymouth, Devon


1958 (69) Edinburgh, Scotland (living in Somerton)




Generation / Name



Birth / Christening


Death / Burial




8 names












Frank E Fletcher*


Ironmonger's Apprentice, music professor, organist and music teacher


1864 Oxenhope,

W Yorkshire



1889 Wesleyan Centenary Chapel, Queen St, Scarborough


1946 (82) Chatham




Elizabeth Fletcher (Procter)*


Aunty Lilly


1865 Scarborough,

E Yorkshire



1953 (88) Folkestone




Lt Col John Adolphus Burton*


Anglo-Indian Army (IMS) doctor

1854, Rajahmundry, India


1888 Pallavaram, Madras, India



1924 (69) Walligton

(Nr Croydon)






Crawford's Honour Roll


Georgiana Ernstin Burton (Middlecoat)* - Christian names accurately copied from birth record!




1871 Great Malvern, Worcestershire



1953 (81) Folkestone




Alex Sproule*



photographer (not really), gentleman (not really), JP, Irish Unionist & depressive drunk


1846 Fintona, Co Tyrone, N Ireland

1874 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada


1921 (75) Fintona

Co Tyrone, N Ireland



Matilda Sproule (Sproule)*


Alex's first cousin

1851 Carrickamulkin,

Co Tyrone

1918 (69) Fintona

Co Tyrone, N Ireland



Dr George Frederick Aldous*



Devon county surgeon with a twinkle in his eyes and cigarette in hand



1861 Portsea, Hampshire




1887 St Stephens, Gloucester Rd / Southwell Gardens, S Kensington




1937-3 (76) Harrow-on-the-Hill, London, rloc




Isabella Henderson (Bella) Aldous (Stewart)*



Eldest daughter of the Mayor of Melbourne



1865  Melbourne, Victoria (register)



1938-3 (73) Harrow-on-the-Hill, London, rloc




* located in one or more England / Scotland / Ireland / Canada censuses between 1841 and 1911





2 TO 4


Average & Median Lifespan is 78




Generation / Name



Birth / Christening


Death / Burial



16 names


great great



fifth generation births are mostly before British central records start in 1837










Sorry, but in the earlier days of research we were a bit sloppy about distinguishing between Birth and Christening dates





John Fletcher*

Tin and iron plate worker, gas fitter and ironmonger who broke free from subsistence wool combing


13 February 1824

Coldwell, Shaw Lane,


Probably ch, like siblings, by Patrick Bronte at Haworth, but can't find any ch record!


29 December 1851 Wesleyan Chapel, Temple Row, Keighley


(now a mosque)

no church record found yet


25 January 1894 (69) Scarborough, E Yorkshire,





Both couples are buried in the Manor Road Cemetery, Scarborough.


Fletchers in grave

P 18-25


Procters in grave O 0-4


Elizabeth Dobson snr is buried in next door Dean Rd Cemetery C15-23


as is Joseph's uncle Harrison and his wife






Maria Fletcher (Dixon)*

Mother of 14 children who all made it to adulthood.

18 June 1837 Stansfield

(nr Ovenden)


30 May 1911 (73) Scarborough, E Yorkshire,




Joseph Procter*


Master draper


b 7 July 1831

Ch 8 July (Methodist)


Ch 14 August 1831

St Denys, Walmgate, York


8 March 1859 Wesleyan Centenary Chapel, Queen Street, Scarborough


17 Nov 1902 (71) Scarborough, E Yorkshire




Elizabeth Procter



Milliner from Scarborough


Ch 11 July 1832

St Mary, Scarborough



16 February 1911 (gravestone) Scarborough, E Yorkshire England











Charles Benjamin Burton

EICo Writer, Madras


29 April 1824 St Mary's Church, Fort St George, Madras



20 January 1853, Black Town, Madras



21 September 1884 (60)




Will - Charles Benjamin Burton

Priscilla Burton (Webber)



21 October 1826, Black Town Chapel, Madras




12 June 1887 (60), St Mary, Fort St George, Madras




Lt Col Francis Middlecoat*

The Nasty Native Infantry Colonel, Madras Army


20 Jun 1839 - St Mary, Haggerston (N London)



10 January 1866

St George's Cathedral Madras



14 August 1922 (83) Lambeth rloc

No probate record yet



Madras Military Fund Record


1891 - the divorce that wasn't


Mary Middlecoat (Locke)*

The desperately lonely wife


9 Mar 1850 - Nellore, Madras




1928 (78) - Q1 Wandsworth, rloc

No probate record yet










Joseph Sproule* bro to Robert

Canadian Immigrant


16 April 1815, Carrickamulkin

Co Tyrone


1841, Aghadulla

Co Tyrone, Ireland

1 November 1902 (87) Peterborough (Ontario)


Emigrated from Co Tyrone to North Monaghan, Peterborough, Ontario c1860



Matilda Sproule (Robinson)


Canadian Immigrant

15 July 1815, Ireland

3 April 1902 (87) Peterborough, Ontario


Robert Sproule* bro to Joseph



1822, Ireland

21 May 1847

Langfield, Co Tyrone


Did they also go to Canada?


Mary Jane Sproule (Davis)



1827, Ireland











Alex James Aldous*


the rich but unhappy grog supplier to the Royal Navy, whose love died only 7 years after they were married.


21 January 1815

Harleston  Norfolk




May 24 1855 Buriton Parish Church of Saint Mary the Virgin



23 March 1879 (64)Portsea, rloc


Buried in St Mary Redenhall



1. Elizabeth Haw Aldous (Seward)*

yeoman farmer's daughter, tragically dead from scarlet fever at 38


ch 26 May 1824

Buriton, Hampshire




25 December 1862 (38) Portsea  (scarlet fever)


Link to photo page about Buriton / Weston and the Sewards / Haws and their memorials

2. Mary Constance Aldous (Grey)*

unsatisfactory & unfaithful  replacement wife



parish record transcript for second marriage in March 1866, Cambridgeshire




James Cooper Stewart*


the diary writer, top solicitor, leading Presbyterian, Mayor of Melbourne and leading lawn bowler


The James Cooper Stewart Story


James C Stewart's Descendants


1836 Brechin

Angus, Scotland



19 June 1860 in the house of Mrs Waugh in Collingwood, Melbourne,  under the rites of the Presbyterian Church.




1919-Q3 (83) Southsea,

England, rloc


buried with Amelia in Barnes somewhere



Marco Polo Passenger List - 1857.


Diary of the voyage to Australia 1857-58 on board "the fastest ship in the world".


Diaries of the Stewart European Grand Tour 1881-82.


Will   Probate


1. Amelia Stewart (Waugh)

"Ma" - daughter of a leading Belfast Presbyterian family (the Hendersons).


1841 Presbyterian register of births in "Port Philip, NSW" (=Melbourne, which dated from 1835 - Victoria was invented in 1851)




1903-Q3 (62) Barnes,

England, rloc


buried in Barnes



2. Edith Rosa Frances Stewart (Cowling) (née Muston)


Stewart wife No 2 - "Edie" the shameless gold digger divorcee - 44 years' younger.


Stewart v Stewart - Melbourne's 1916 divorce scandal


1880 (Portsmouth, Hampshire)

26 August 1911 Scots Church, Melbourne


6 August 1940 (60)

Forest Hill, Melbourne



Generation / Name



Birth / Christening


Death / Burial




30 names


great great great grandparents

sixth generation births are all before British central records start in 1837



rloc = record identifier located

searchable = record probably exists - not yet searched for.

Probate records start in 1861




New Year's Day for 1752 in England was reset to January 1st - up until this time it had been on March 25th, so there was no January 1 - March 24 1751!  The first three months of years before this are sometimes shown with two year numbers - eg Jan 1550/51 - for clarity.  Also, in order to effect the change to the Gregorian Calendar, the English days September 2 - 14 1752 were disappeared - Nick Middlecoat jnr  (b August 1752) damn nearly arrived on earth in a calendrical black hole !



* located in one or more England / Scotland censuses between 1841 and 1911





UK Probate records cover 1861-1941, but some years are missing.



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