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Ethel Henrietta Florence Burton (25) marries Frank Rex (Jimmy) Fletcher (25)


St Mary Magdalene Parish Church, Old Milton, Hampshire - Sunday 15 August 1915


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Lt Col  and Doctor John Adolphus Burton (60 - bride's father - Indian Medical Service retd but recalled for WW I to run a rehabilitation hospital for Indian soldiers at Berton-on-Sea); Terry Burton (Gelardi) (wife of RAMC Capt Charles Burton, 26, see below) (daughter of Gusfcav (?) Csesare Edward Gelardi, Fellow of the Zoological Society of London and, for a day job, owner and / or general manager of the Grand Hotel, Folkestone); Cyril Burton (21 - brother, who returned to India for a working life in export / import and eating - he became enormous); Gem Burton (Middlecoat) (44 - bride's mother, born in Great Malvern but lived in India until hubbie retired in 1910); Doris Fletcher (22 - groom's bossy sister); Ethel Fletcher (Burton) (25 - bride); Jack Fletcher (brother who would have been aged 15 and is eventually destined for a career as an officer in the Royal Navy); Doctor Frank Rex (Rex / Jimmy) Fletcher (25 - groom); Gwen Fletcher (20 - groom's nice sister); Elizabeth Fletcher (Procter) (49 - mother, born & bred in Scarborough); Frank Edward Fletcher (51- father - Professor of Music - early years in Oxenhope, West Yorkshire, then moved with the large Fletcher family to Scarborough where his father John owned an ironmonger shop). 


Not present are Ethel's brother (and Terry's husband) Charlie (26) - a doctor (who was at university with Dr Jimmy) stationed with a Field Ambulance unit on the Western Front and who later died in the evacuation of Singapore in 1942, and Dr Jimmy's younger brother Hugh (7).  Bridesmaids identities not known. 



In this unusual "Tutto Photo" Gem's parents Col Francis Middlecoat and his wife Mary Middlecoat (Locke) can, we think, be seen at the left end of  the seated row - but grandparents Fletcher, Procter and Burton had died by then. 


There is a bigger version for face spotters !


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St Mary Magdalene, Old Milton - a locked church (October 2009) largely deserted by its village houses.






was spent motorcycling around the nearby New Forest - with picnic basket






20 August 1915 and the scene is swamped with wheeled Fletchers - Gwen, Ethel, Jimmy, Frank Edward, Elizabeth and Doris.




25 August 1915 - back to the not very onerous day job.



link to ancestors of John and Georgiana Burton & Frank & Elizabeth Fletcher