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Ancestors of First Cousins Alex and Matilda Sproule


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Alex Harpur Robinson (AHR) Sproule


b 3 April 1846 in Carrickamulkin, Co Tyrone.


Emigrated with parents to Peterborough, Ontario in 1860 (aged 14), where he married first cousin Matilda on 24 February 1874 when he was 28 and pretending to be a professional photographer in partnership with his much better known photographer brother George Buchanan Sproule.


Returned to Fintona in 1881 (aged 35) to take over the 209 acre estate (including mega-house "Denamona") which his childless uncle Dr Robinson (right) had left to his children with him as trustee.


"Denamona", Fintona (Co Tyrone) c1900


Link to photos of the family looking glum at "Denamona" c1897 and of the Jimmy Sproule family on holiday there in 1933.


Drank and mismanaged his trusteeship away unenjoyably, and eventually died in Fintona in 1921 aged 75.



Matilda Sproule (Robinson)


b 15 July 1816 in Fintona, Co Tyrone


m c1841 at Aghadulla (nr Omagh), Co Tyrone by Revd Jas Reid Hill


May 1860 emigrated with family on the "Manhattan" (?) from Liverpool to New York, thence to Peterborough, Ontario.


d in Peterborough Ontario 3 April 1902


"Dispensing Doctor" and Insurance Agent Dr Alex Harpur Robinson MD JP (1814 - 1880 (66)) was Matilda's brother and the childless owner of "Denamona", which he bequeathed to the children of his sister's eldest son Alex Harpur Robinson Sproule on his death in November 1880 aged 65, with Alex to be trustee for them.  He probably had a close relationship with his sister as their mother had died when he was 3, and their father when he was 11.  He certainly did not have a close relationship with his wife Jane (Hamilton) - she eloped with the groom, was brought back home by the doctor, and assigned to the position and accommodation of a servant from then on.



John Robinson


b 30 Jul 1775 Fintona, Co Tyrone


m 7 Jul 1812 Sarah Robinson (Harpur), Aghadulla, Co Tyrone


d 5 Nov 1825 (50) (Matilda was 9)



Hugh Robinson



Ann Robinson (Rea)



Sarah Robinson (Harpur)


b 17 Aug 1791 Coroyneigh (?)


m 1812 John Robinson


d 29 Apr 1817 (26) (before Matilda was 1)



John Harpur



Matilda Harpur (Mathewson)




Parents James Mathewson of Ardstraw and Martha Sproule.





Joseph Sproule (brother of Robert)


b 1818 Carrickamulkin, Co Tyrone


m Matilda Robinson c1841 then later emigrated to Canada via New York in May 1860 (just in time for the 1861 Canadian Census and later censuses in '71, '81, '91, & 1901).


l Settled as a farmer in N Monaghan, Peterborough West, Ontario where there were quite a few other people  who had fled from Co Tyrone (and other Irish places).


d in Peterborough Ontario 1 Nov 1902 (84)



Joseph was a brother of Robert ...



Thomas Sproule


m 1812 in Galway









Alex & Matilda Sproule (seated), Jimmy Sproule at bottom of photo.


Matilda Sproule (Sproule)


b 1851 also in Carrickamulkin, Co Tyrone.


m 1874 in Peterborough, Ontario after she and maybe her family came to Canada.  Then returned with husband-cousin to take over "Denamona" in Fintona.  8 children born in Canada and Ireland.


d 1918 in Fintona aged 67.



Robert Sproule (brother of Joseph)


b 1822 (from marriage record)


m Mary Jane Davis 21 May 1847


They possibly also emigrated to Ontario - at any rate their daughter Matilda obviously did.


d ?



? Sproule (Blake)


m 1812 in Galway









Mary Jane Sproule (Davis)


b 1827 (from marriage record)


m 21 May 1847 - Langfield, Co Tyrone


d ?



Arthur Davis

















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