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Ancestors of John Adolphus Burton and Georgiana Ernstin (Gem) Burton (Middlecoat)

Note that the sea journeys referred to here reflect only a small proportion of what actually took place due to rather patchy data availability and Adrian's research skills !


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Nicholas Middlecoat, Wm Hambly et al in Tregony, & George Demountfryart in Bodmin, Cornwall (1600 - 1840)


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Lt Col John Adolphus Burton

Indian Medical Service (IMS)


b 10 December 1854, Madras, Christened 17 January 1855 Mission Church, Blacktown, Madras


Education included Doveton College (for Anglo-Indian boys) Madras, Madras Medical College & Edinburgh (LRCP & LRCS, Edin 1879).


Applied to join the Indian Medical Service (IMS) in 1880.


Recorded in the (British Navy) Census of 1881 on the well appointed troopship HMS Serapis returning to India.


m Georgiana Middlecoat (aged 16, he was twice this - 33) 25 April 1888, Pallavaram (Chennai / then Madras), Tamil Nadu, India.  Pallavaram was the army HQ for the Madras Presidency - Chennai airport is now next door (or possibly on top).


Judging by childrens' birhplaces, JAB served in Burma and W / SW India in 1890s.  Charlie born in Rangoon in 1889, Ethel in Mangalore in 1890, Cyril in Belgaum (where Capt George Middlecoat died from sunstroke in 1845) in 1894.


Surgeon Major J A Burton c1900


Served in China War in 1900 - awarded China Medal.


JA enjoyed a spot of "home leave" with Gem in 1906, then finally he "Returned" to England in July 1910 having retired from the IMS as a Surgeon Lt Col.



1911 census - aged 56 - retired (1910) and living in Upper Norwood, London with Gem (39), Charlie (22), Ethel (20), Cyril (16) and an Irish servant named Polly.


Rejoined-up for part of the Great War (1914 - 16), running a rehabilitation hospital for wounded Indian troops at Barton-on-Sea.


d 1 January 1924 (69) in Wallington (London)

Probate record.



He was, I think, a fine man.


Obituary in the BMJ


Entry in Crawfords



Charles Benjamin Burton



b 29 Apr 1824, Madras



CB's father died before he was 3, and he was brought up as an only child by his widowed Indian mother, as the only one of 4 children to live beyond the age of 5.


Confirmed initially as parent of JAB and as an EICo "writer" from birth / baptism details supplied by JAB as part of his application to join the IMS.


m Priscilla Webber 20 January 1853, Black Town, Madras



As with his own siblings, three out of five of Charles and Priscilla's children die before the age of 2.


A "writer" / clerk (Madras) as per obituary for his son  John Adolphus in BMJ Jan 12 1924. 


His will indicates that he ran a sort of clerking services business.


d 21 Sept 1884 (60) Madras (before the marriage of his son).  


Will Proved in the High Court of Indicature of Madras - 8 October 1884.



(Conductor*) John Adolphus Burton


ch 5 April 1795 in St Paul's, Dublin (COI)


Recruited as a Dublin labourer to be a Matross (gunners' mate) in 2nd Madras Artillery.  Sailed from Chatham to Madras on EICo boat "The Regent" early in 1816.


m 30 December 1817 (aged 22) to widow & "native" Susannah Habernack (26) in Madras.



20 December 1819 - appointed Conductor*, Fort St George Arsenal.  1820 East India Register record.  An accelerated bottom to top elevation by any standards.


Various Conductor level appointments reported in East India Registers until the 1827 Register reports that he was "Reduced" (to the ranks) (aged 31) on 3rd November 1826 ....we do not know why, though there will be some low level court martial record somewhere in the 18km of IORs in the British Library.


bu 26 January 1827 in Nagapore



Gunner John Burton (c32), 1st Battalion (Madras) Artillery.  No cause of death stated.


* A Conductor was the most senior Warrant Officer rank.  Sadly J.A.Burton only held the rank till 1826 when he got "reduced" (to the rank of Gunner) for reasons we know not yet.  He died shortly after this happened.



John Adolphus Burton


b c1774 Dublin


m1 Alice Hall, 15 January 1791, St Mary Dublin


m2 Margaret Tynan, 7 June 1800, St Paul Dublin


bu St Peter, Dublin, 13 July 1832 - aged 58



Alice Burton (Hall)


Must have died c 1798



Susannah Burton ( ? / Habernack)


b 1791 (from age at death)


m1 (Habernack) - ? - Mr Habernack may have been a German musician - not known if there were children.  No records found yet.


m2 to John Adolphus 30 December 1817 (aged 26), St Mary, Fort St George, Madras



She was a "Native" who used an X mark in lieu of a signature on wedding record. 


4 children of whom all except Charles Benjamin (left) died between the ages of 2 and 5. 


It is unlikely that JA had any pension, and life for Susannah bringing up Charles Benjamin must have been very tough


d 18 Dec 1850 (aged 59), Madras









Priscilla Burton (Webber)



b 21 October 1826, Madras

Daughter of Henry & wife Jane Webber



m Charles Benjamin Burton (26, Clerk) 20 January 1853, Madras, by banns

Record includes fathers & witnesses



d-bu 13 June 1887 (60), Madras



Henry Webber

(name as in birth and marriage records of daughter Priscilla, left)



This is the sad baptism record for Henry Webber -


Baptised 13 February 1814 in Blacktown Chapel at the age of 29.  The record declares that Henry was the natural son of Henry Webber HC's Military Service and _____ (sic) Mother unknown, born 18 July 1784.




Married Johana (later known as Jane) Dosseyn on

21 March 1812 in Madras - both of them signed the record.


A Clerk (as in burial record)


Bu 22 January 1854 (69),

St Mary, Fort St George, Madras




"Henry Webber - HC's Military Service" in 1784 as declared by his son (left) is our only evidence of identity.  The only Henry Webber we have found was an ensign (entry level officer) in the Madras Infantry, who had been born in Braunton (Devon) in 1762 and came to India aged 18 in 1780 in the EICo ship "Bellmont".  On the strong balance of probabilities he's our man, but what sort of a dad was he?


Henry Webber snr rose and rose in the Madras Army, and was finally given the retirement rank of Major-General Henry Webber on his return to England to take over the management of his family estate Buckland in Braunton, Devon.


Apart from the birth statement by Henry jnr we know nothing about Henry snr's domestic arrangements until February 1810 when, aged 48, he married Elizabeth Lucia l'Ecolier in Trickinopoly.  By the time they returned to England in 1819 they had 5 children, with a further two arriving in Braunton - by which time Henry snr was nearly 60.  He died aged 70 in Braunton in August 1833 and is remembered with Lucia (who had died 10 years' earlier) in a memorial plaque in the Braunton church - St Brannock.  The estate passed to his "eldest son" Henry Charles Webber - doubtful that anyone knew or wanted to know anything about the real eldest son - Anglo-Indian Henry Webber jnr back in Blacktown.


1834 Will of Maj-Gen Henry Webber





Maj-General Henry Webber's parents were the long lived and fertile Philip Rogers Webber (1732-1819 (87)) and Mary  Webber (Incledon) (1736-1807 (71)).  Henry became the de-facto eldest son after the death of brother RN Lieutenant Philip ~ , captain of the cutter "Sea Flower", in the west Indies in September 1793.  At the time of his death Lt Philip was involved in a £20,000 dispute relating to his involvement in the capture of the Genoese vessel La Victoria and the resultant prize money (papers at the North Devon Record office 3704M/06 1794)


The Webbers were a successful family of Pewterers from Barnstable.  Alexander, PRW's father, was also Mayor of Barnstaple in 1737 and his portrait by Thomas Hudson is in today's Barnstaple Guildhall.


The Incledons of Buckland were Devon landed gentry.  Over the centuries they had bolstered their fortunes by marrying into other rich landed families.  Then there were no men left, and they were captured by the Webbers.  Later the family adopted the surname Incledon-Webber.  There are lots of memorial plaques and a sealed family burial vault in the Parish Church of St Brannock, Braunton.


An earlier Incledon wife in the mid 1600s came from the Fane family, making the first Earl of Westmoreland (second coming) Adrian's 10xgrt grandfather.  This line also included the Mildmays  and le Despencers.


Here is one version of some previous generations of Webbers and Incledons.





m1 to "Unknown"

aka "Lucy" in another web source - whatever, there is no record about her or of any marriage to Henry snr, so let's stick with the vision of a beautiful Indian maidservant / concubine who died or was jettisoned well before Lt Col Henry Webber snr (by then 48) married Miss l'Ecolier in 1810, and whom, very sadly, her son Henry jnr (b1784) said he "did not know". 


m2 Elizabeth Lucia l'Ecolier on 10 February 1810 in Trickinopoly.  She looks like she was the daughter of Foulou d'Ecolier who was briefly the French Intendant (as in super~) of Pondicherry.  She bore Henry snr 7 children then passed on after the birth on No 7 (Anne) in Braunton in 1823 - such was the terrible lot of women in those days.





Jane (earlier Johana) Webber (Dosseyn)

(name as in birth record of daughter Priscilla, left)


b 1798 (from death record).  A member of the Dutch community.


m: Henry Webber aged 14 apparently on 21 March 1812 in St Marys, Fort St George, Madras


d. 9 July 1978 (80) in Washermanpettah





Jan Dosseyn (Dutch)



Gertruyda Henderina Dosseyn (Hoogland) (Dutch)




The only photo we have found of the Burton family together - on holidays at Walton on the Naze (South East Essex) in 1910.

Cyril, Ethel (aged 20) (Adrian's grandmother), John Adolphus, Gem and Charlie



Marriage Record




Burton, Middlecoat et al narrative and document links







Link to a special page showing 4 generations of George Middlecoat's ancestors in Tregony, Cornwall



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Georgiana Ernstin (Gem) Burton (Middlecoat)


Christian names are as in Birth Certificate.

b 24 December 1871, Laburnum Cottage 2, Bank St, Great Malvern, Worcestershire (still there) where she was also conceived whilst parents were on very long leave from India.  Why Great Malvern?


Returned with parents to India where she was married at the age of 16, and where her 9 siblings and later her own 4 children were born.


m 25 April 1888 (aged 16) - Pallavarum, India


1901 census - Georgiana discovered in Bedford with her 3 kids and her sister Lucy - organizing to leave kids in England when she returned to India?  Why Bedford?


Gem a young looking 36 at a picnic

in Bellary (India) in 1907


1911 census - retired and living in Upper Norwood, London



Husband John Adolphus dies in London in 1924 (she was then 53).  Later in the 20s and 30s looked after grandchildren Michael (Fletcher) Peter and Joan (Burton) whilst their RAMC fathers were overseas with their mothers.


Gem in Folkestone, late 1940s


Remembered by Adrian atmospherically living in the cigarette smoke filled basement flat of the family house, Dene Court, in Folkestone.


d 1953 (81), Folkestone, Kent




Colonel Francis Middlecoat


b 20 June 1839, London

Ch 27 July at Haggerston St Mary, Hackney, Middlesex (father not named in record but on leave from india - living in Kingsland Crescent - why here?)


Brought up in India by mother after the early death of his father in 1845.  His cadet application papers for the Madras Infantry (not Addiscombe it appears) don't say much, but  his Madras Military Fund Record lists his entire family and gives many dates.


May 1857 - June 1858 the Indian Mutiny results in the East India Company being taken over by the British Government. 


Officer in the Madras Infantry from 3 February 1858 to 23 January 1890 (then on leave to formal retirement date of 17 January 1891).  Unlike his artillery father Francis does not seem to have been particularly bright or a front line type - moving from Quartermaster positions to end up as Commandant of European Veterans.


Plenty of long furloughs in Europe - Apr-59 to Aug-60, Apr-64 to Aug-65, Jul-70 to Jun-72, etc etc Interesting where he went (and why) as he and his wife were both born and bred in India!  At least one of the leaves was on medical grounds.


Married a magistrate / tax collector's daughter - 10 January 1866 (he was aged 27, she was 15) in St George's Cathedral, Madras.  Within a few days he accused her of incest (she later alleged).


At 2 April 1871 UK census he is on "home" leave (furlough) at 2 Laburnum Cottages (still there), Bank St, Great Malvern with Mary and daughter Lottie (Charlotte Lucy Hampton) (4).  Georgiana is born here 9 months' later (he's still there on leave)!  Living next door to his widowed sister Lucy whose hubbie's family (the Priors) came from nearby Tewkesbury.  They were there for nearly 2 years - what on earth did they "do" ?


Retired 17 January 1891 (52) (final year of service was spent taking leave) with rank of (Lt?) Colonel.  Mary and 6 of their kids were living in Hackney at the 5 April 1891 census, but there is no sign of the Colonel.  Not really surprising as .......


June 1991 - Mary petitions for judicial separation and the dirt flies .....the case itself does not fly, but one is left with the impression that he was a really nasty little man.


To add to Francis' woes, he was attacked by son-in-law to be A Perring Taylor in 1894 - made worse by the fact that the case made it into The Times of 24 September 1894.


1901 and 1911 UK censuses living in Hammersmith then Fulham, London with undivorced Mary and in 1911, still two "kids" around (Lucy aged 35 and who Francis had claimed was fathered by Col Robert Tait, and David aged 27).


Would probably have been at 1915 wedding of grand-daughter Ethel Burton.  We now have a photo with all the guests, but how to tell who was who !?


d. 14 August 1922 (83) in Lambeth


Madras Military Fund Family Listing



Captain George Middlecoat

Madras Infantry


b 1 Sept 1802 at (Cuby with) Tregony near Truro (Cornwall), the second youngest of thirteen or so children born between 1780 and 1804.  George (like his 12 siblings) was baptised at the Bethesda Independent Chapel (Congregational) in Truro.



After a sound schooling in "Arithmetic, Writing & the English Grammar" at "Mr. Bauvisís, Bilhour House School" (in Tregony or Truro), George applied for a place and was accepted as a cadet at the East India Companyís Military Officers' Seminary at Addiscombe (in modern day Croydon), and studied there from February 1820 to May 1822.


We do not know yet which boat took George from England to Madras.


Officer in Madras Artillery 1822 - 1845


Marries Susannah Palmer Hampton (17) 5 January 1826 (he was 23), St Thomas Mount, Madras



Unlike his son Francis, George's IOR papers do not seem to contain a list of his English furloughs - only the following have been picked up, but there would have been earlier visits.


1838 - visiting Tregony - On 6 April 1838 the newspaper "West Briton" reported the Tregony birth of twins to "the lady of Capt Middlecoat, HEI Company's Madras Artillery".  Shortly afterwards the death of one of the twins, Victoria, is also reported.


Looks like they hung around in England, because in June 1839 Francis is born in London (Hackney).


25 Jan 1840 - George returns to Madras with Mrs M and Francis on the ship "True Briton". 


13 October 1844 - Artillery Commander in the capture of Samanghur (mentioned 3 times in The Times 5 December 1844) and in various other sieges.


d 14 Feb 1845 (only 42)  at Belgaum, India (cause of death thought to be sunstroke)


Madras Military Fund family listing



Nicholas Middlecoat Jnr


b August 1752 Tregony, nr Truro, Cornwall. 


Married in Tregony 6 July 1779


Father of 13, innkeeper ("Queens Head Inn" Tregony), political agent and fixer*, writer and writee, bankrupt ... we are finding out more about this interesting Cornish rogue. 


d in 1844 at the age of 92 !


*In 1801 Tregony had a population of 937, of whom just 200 were allowed to vote for 2 MPs to go to Westminster.  Nicholas handled (and often appropriated) bribery money for at least two elections ..... for example 1796 doc CF/1/4750 contains: " Nich. Middlecoat's address to borough of Tregony disclaiming Barwell's assertions of treachery and accusing him of duplicity" - which is the subject of several letters and commentary in the book above.  MORE




Nicholas was the son of another (Tregony) Nicholas Middlecoat Snr  (1718 - 1801 (83)) a taylor (sic) who in 1749 married Jane Middlecoat (Saunders) (1721 - ?1770). 


Jane's father Aaron Sanders was a Tregony joiner, and he'd gone to the physician mayor of Bodmin (Dr George Demountfryart) to find his wife, the doctor-mayor's daughter Elizabeth Demountfryart.


Follow this link for documents about them and other earlier generations in Tregony, Bodmin & Falmouth.


As of June 2012, our earliest family parish record is the 1627 christening of 8xgreat grandfather John "Demanfryat" - John was christened in the Bodmin Parish Church of St Petroc on 16 July 1627





Ruth Middlecoat (Hambly)


b 1760 Cuby with Tregony


m 6 July 1779 in Cuby with Tregony, Cornwall



d (buried) 8 Mar 1825 Cuby with Tregony




Ruth was the daughter of victualler  Richard Hambly (1726 - 1763) born in St Clements (nr Truro) Cornwall who in 1756 married Tregony girl Ann Hambly (Hennah) (1739 - ?).


Ann's parents were William and Ruth Henna (Teague) (married 1723).  Ruth was born on 22 November 1699.


We have also found the original parish register entry for the marriage of the Teague parents Richard and Grace, who were married in Cuby with Tregony on 22 October 1683.





Susanna Palmer Middlecoat (Hampton)


b 9 July 1808, Sankerrydroog (Madras Presidency).  The Hamptons had lived in British India (mostly Bengal) since 1710.


She was 12 when her father was drowned in a shipwreck in 1821.


Married George Middlecoat (23) 5 January 1826 (she was 17), St Thomas Mount, Madras



Went to England on furlough with George at least once but probably more times (see above).


At least 10 children of whom only 4 survived infancy.


May 1845 - Travelled with 3 children by boat ("Sophia") from Bombay to Madras after death of George.


Did not remarry after George's early death in 1845 .  Went to England but not clear when (not found in 1861 census).


d 28 March 1870 (61) - Lambeth



Capt James Hampton


ch 25 November 1784 Calcutta



Both parents were dead before he was 2 - not clear who brought him up in Calcutta.


EICo Army Cadet 1799-1800 season (pre Addiscombe) - all that remains of his application papers is a rather vague declaration of age made in London in front of the (ex?) Lord Mayor ! 


m 13 August 1807 - E I Register


d Serving with the 7th Regiment Native Infantry (Madras) and lost at sea when the "Lady Lushington" was wrecked on 11 August 1821


Madras Military Fund family listing, also listed in "Officers of the Madras Army" (use "2-up" page display).




James Hampton was the youngest of 8 surviving Hampton siblings.  He had two sisters, the younger of whom, Mary Sarah (1774 - 1838 (64)), married John Palmer (1767 - 1836 (69)) in Calcutta in 1791.  Palmer became "the wealthiest" Calcutta merchant / banker, but he presided over increasingly more liabilities than assets and a molto-dysfunctional organization,  and eventually it all fell over, bringing down the rest of the Bengal trading houses with it.  Despite this Palmer died a hero of sorts in Calcutta in 1836.  Mary, who had been living in relative poverty in England since the early 1830s, never returned to India, and died in Bath in 1838, ending over a century in the sun of Bengal for the Hamptons. 







James Hampton's father was Col Samuel Hampton, a career & foundation Bengal Native Infantry Officer - see "D&M Officers of the Bengal Army"  (use "2-up" page display).  He was born in Calcutta on 5 October 1735 and married Margaret Hick in Calcutta on 1 September 1765.  She died in September 1784, and Samuel died in May 1786, leaving a house to each of his eight children and another one to his brother-in-law (Samuel Hick) in his will (4 mb download).


Meantime, on 19 June 1756, dozens of brits suffocated after being  banged up in what became known as the Black Hole of Calcutta.  A big big mistake on the part of the perpetrator,  the Nawab of Bengal ....


Samuel Hampton was the son of Charles Hampton, a career EICo man who arrived in Calcutta in 1710 as an indentured writer.  Mary Hampton was born in 1721 to a first marriage, and later Charles married Mrs Martha Vesey (to be Sam's mother) in Calcutta, in May 1727.  Sam also had a brother Charles.


Margaret Hick was the daughter of mariner Albert Samuel Hick and his wife Anna.  Margaret had a brother Samuel (eventually executor of Samuel Hampton's will) and a sister - Mrs Ann Hardman.  Ann(a) became Mrs Ann Costelly when she married ship's Captain Martin Costelly after Albert's death in 1749.  Anna outlived Martin and indeed was still going strong as her daughter Margaret and son-in-law Samuel died - we have yet to find any death / will details.




Mrs Mary Hampton ( ? / Mrs Forster )


b 1786 (military fund record)


M Lieutenant James Hampton of the 1st Battalion 7th Regt NI as Mrs Mary Forster, widow of the late Lieutenant Forster, on 13th day of August 1807 at Sankerrydroog


We don't know her maiden name.  There were two Foster / Forster brothers from Greenwich in the Madras Army, both dying in the early 1800s, but no records of marriages or children yet.  Sadly Mary was widowed again in 1821 (35) when James was drowned, leaving her with 4 children (Susanna, the oldest, was 13).  She did not remarry, and died 34 years' later in Madras.


d 31 October 1855 (Madras) (69)



Mary Middlecoat (Locke)


b 9 March 1850, Madras (now Chennai), SE India. 


Married in January 1866 aged 15 in St George's Cathedral, Madras.


Large family - 10 or 11 children


Returned to London and Petitioned for judicial separation in June 1891 (UK National Archives J 77/473/4408) - then the fur started flying ....


Mary and 6 of their kids (and no Francis) were living in Hackney at the 1991 UK Census, and in Hammersmith then Fulham (with the awful Francis and a few child remnants) at the 1901 and 1911 Censuses.


Mary Middlecoat (Locke) (62) at her daughter Gem's house in Upper Norwood c1912


Francis died in 1922, aged 83.


d.16 March 1928 (78) in Wandsworth



Samuel Richard Locke


b 29 March 1825 Cannanore, Madras,



brought up by Thomas' 3rd wife Justa after the death of his mother Indiana when he was just over 2.


Married 9 March 1849 (23), Madras to cougar widow Rehling who was 9 years' his senior.


1861 - Deputy Collector & Magistrate, N Arcot (just west of Madras)


October 1865 (40) files for bankruptcy protection but keeps his job.


1866 - Deputy Collector, Madras at the time of the marriage of his only daughter - the very shortly to be very unhappy for life Mary - in the cathedral.


d 14 March 1894 (68) in Chiswick (London) - probate notice describes him as a retired civil servant worth £93 2s 9d.



Capt Thomas Locke


IOR Biography

Christened in Soho in 1788

Cadet in the Madras Army 1806


At first marriage he was aged 32, then made up for lost time with c15 kids via 3 wives.

"Invalided" April 1827 though he retained his army rank and an army role, not to mention a formidable breeding ability.  Described as "Capt Locke, 1st NVB" at the 1849 wedding of his daughter Jane to Napleton Beaver.  He and Beaver were named as members of the Invalids' Battalion in the East india Register of 1845.


d 31 July 1850 (62)






Thomas was the son of Thomas Locke Snr and Elizabeth Lang who were married on 27 Mar 1785 in St Luke, Finsbury





Thomas Locke snr was a son of Thos Lock Snr Snr, a Taunton Maltster, and his wife Amey Warren, who were married in St Mary Magdalene, Taunton on 1 June 1757.  They had 6 sons and 1 daughter.





Thomas Locke snr snr's father was Allen Lock jnr, and his mother was Susanna Elworthy - they were married in St Mary Magdalene, Taunton, on 20 November 1730.





Allen Locke jnr was the son of Allen Lock snr, but that's all we know presently except that AL snr was a first cousin of John Locke FRS (1632-1704 (72)) the leading Enlightenment philosopher.





Allen Locke snr was a son of the fourth marriage of Lewis Locke of Taunton.  Lewis (1606 - 1692 (86)) was responsible for no less than 35 (thirty five) Lockes who reached adulthood via 4 wives. 





Lewis Locke was child number 5 of Christopher Locke (Adrian's 10x grt grandfather). 





And there are more!  5 generations more going back through Henry VIII's Cloth of Silver mercer (Sir William Lock) to John Locke (Loke), Sheriff of London with a 1461 monument in St Mary le Bow till the 1666 Great Fire of London, then Adolph flattened it again in WW2.  Here on parchment is Sir Willliam's August 1550 burial record in the same church.


Much of this information comes from "A historical account of the Locke family in England" which was originally published in the Gentleman's Magazine in 1792.  It has to be said that this account is challengeable, but we think it looks reasonable back to Lewis and his dad Christopher, and beyond that it may be that an extra generation has been slipped in.




1. Helena Francis Frederica Locke (de Sadlo)


m 22 May 1820, Madras

One child (Thomas)


d Quilon 12 December 1821



2. Indiana Laura Locke (Shaw)

Mother of Samuel Richard Locke


ch 10 Jul 1803 (Vepery, Madras)



m in Quilon Madras on 8 June 1822



One son (Samuel) and two surviving daughters


d 17 Aug 1827 Manantoddy, Wynaad (Madras)




Indiana Laura's parents were Madras based John and Margaret Shaw - though he was later "of the Bengal Establishment" as yet we have been unable to pin them down.




3. Justa Jacobinus Hoff Locke (Wodschow) (Danish)


m 11 December 1828 Cuddalore, Madras - Lots of children of her own and also mother to those of Thomas' earlier wives.


d 11 April 1857 Secunderbad, Madras

There is a will.



Charlotte Jane Sophia Nosky Locke (Jansen / Rehling), widow of Augustus Johan Rehling when she married Samuel, and described as Danish in a handwritten family tree.


b. 1815 (deduced from age at death) - place unknown (Denmark?)


m (1) August Johan Adolph Rehling, 26 September 1837 (22) Calcutta, Bengal they had at least 3 children before he died.



Married (2) Samuel Locke 9 March 1849 (34), Madras.  She was 9 years older than Samuel who was then described as an Indigo Planter.  They had at least 5 children.



d. 2 April 1889 (74) Palamcottah, India




Johan Jansen






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