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Parents and Grandparents of

Angela & Adrian








Peggy Fletcher (Sproule)




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Melbourne, Belfast and South-East Scotland










Clare Sproule (Aldous)


Mother's Mother


Isabella Aldous (Stewart)



Amelia Stewart (Waugh)


Isabella Waugh (Henderson)


Amelia Henderson (Shanks and / or McGill)





James Henderson



Merchant / newspaper proprietor / Presbyterian churchman




Robert Waugh


Belfast / Melbourne



Robert Waugh


Farmer & land steward, the Park (Belfast)












James Cooper Stewart Story



James Stewart


Founder Partner Malleson Stewart, top Melbourne Solicitors.

Melbourne Mayor.

May Stewart (Falconer)




Jean Falconer (Cooper)


St Cyrus





John Falconer







James Stewart



House painter


Elizabeth Stewart (Hamilton)


Elizabeth Hamilton (Brodie)*

Alexander Hamilton


James Stewart


Tollboth Church Parish, Edinburgh

House painter





George Aldous

Plymouth, Devon

County Surgeon


Elizabeth Haw Aldous (Seward) 

First wife


Elizabeth Seward (Haw)


Elizabeth Haw (Shaw)







William Haw


Westminster, then Oxford St (St Pancras),

Carpenter, successful builder, London City of London Freeman







Samuel Seward


Weston & Buriton, Hampshire

Yeoman tenant farmer, miller & entrepreneur.



Elizabeth Seward (Stevenson)


St Martin, Westminster at time of marriage



Mary Stevenson (  )



Thomas Stevenson

Westminster, then Godalming (Surrey)



Thomas Seward


Loxton, Sussex then Weston, Hampshire

Yeoman tenant miller & farmer



Hannah Seward (Lidbetter)

Bramber (Sussex)



John Seward the Elder

Brewhurst farm & mill, Loxwood (Sussex)

Yeoman tenant farmer & miller



Alex Aldous


Portsmouth, Hampshire

Grog merchant to Royal Navy


Harriette Aldous (Poole)


Sarah Poole (Strutt)


Second wife,

Diss (Norfolk)



Mary Strutt (Salmon)



Alexander Strutt*

Diss (Norfolk)




John Poole


Harleston & Mendham, Norfolk

Mercer / Draper



Robert Poole

Gentleman Farmer of Fincham (Norfolk)

5xgrt presumptive



Martha Wright

of Saham Toney, Norfolk


James Aldous


Harleston & Redenhall, Norfolk

merchant / brewer / maltster / publican / farmer / long term church warden / leading local citizen ...

"a pillar of civic society"


Martha Aldous (Whiting)





Mary Whiting (Munns / Hart)



John Whiting**





James Aldous


Starston , Harleston & Redenhall

Wealthy merchant & church warden



Catherine Aldous (Boar)



James Aldous

(aka Aldhowse)**


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Hampshire & Sussex (Seward), Norfolk & Suffolk (Aldous, Whiting, Poole)












Co Tyrone (N Ireland), Peterborough (Ontario) (Joseph)










Brig Jimmy Sproule



RAMC Hygiene Specialist


Mother's Father











Matilda Sproule (Sproule)



Mary Jane Sproule















Arthur Davis














Robert Sproule




? Sproule (Blake)

















Alexander H R Sproule JP


Co Tyrone "Gentleman", JP, squire & depressive drunk.




Joseph Sproule

Peterborough Ontario





Thomas Sproule

















Matilda Sproule (Robinson)



Sarah Robinson




Matilda Harpur (Mathewson)



Martha Mathewson (Sproule)



James Mathewson of Ardstraw



John Harpur







John Robinson



Ann Robinson (Rea)







Hugh Robinson













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British India - Madras Presidency


Bengal Presidency (Calcutta)











Ethel Fletcher (Burton)


Father's Mother

Gem Burton (Middlecoat)


Mary Middlecoat (Locke)


A very sad person



Charlotte Jane Sophia Nosky Locke (Jansen / Rehling)


Our "Danish Cougar" - 10 years' older than her 2nd hubbie Samuel Locke.

bu Palamcottah, Madras.











Johan Jansen









Samuel Richard Locke


C-J's second husband

Madras Presidency

Indigo Planter, later

Madras civil servant, magistrate & bankrupt

bu in England



Indiana Laura Locke (Shaw)


Second of 3 wives



Margaret Shaw ( )



John Shaw




Capt Thomas Locke


7th Reg Madras Native Infantry

Long term army "invalid" - good at playing the system, but left 3rd wife Justa with nothing except children when he died in July 1850.



Elizabeth Locke (Lang)



Thomas Locke**


Soho, London & Taunton

** Back via Taunton through to Sir William Lock, Mercer, in the Parish of St Mary le Bow (Cheapside) in the days of Henry VIII.



Lt Col Francis Middlecoat


Madras Native Infantry

Not a nice person & also seems to have baan good at playing the system..



Susanna Palmer Middlecoat (Hampton)


bu Norwood Cemetery, London



Mary Hampton ( ? / Forster)


"Widow of Lt Forster" as yet untraced by us.

Bu St Marys, St Thomas Mount, Madras





Capt James Hampton

Youngest son of Samuel & Margaret


Mary's second husband

7th Reg Madras Native Infantry

Drowned, aged 36, in the "Lady Lushington" shipwreck.




John Palmer for a time "the richest East India merchant", married James' sister Mary Sarah and later helped James' widow and children financially after James' early death.



Margaret Hampton (Hick)*



Col Samuel Hampton*


Calcutta 10 house owner plus plus

plus the will to end all wills.

Foundation Officer, Bengal Native Infantry, first Commanding Officer (1782) of the rebuilt Fort William in Calcutta.  Died Berhampore 1786.







Capt George Middlecoat


No 13 of Nick's 15 children.

Addiscombe & Madras Artillery (they were the bright ones).

Died in Belgaum (India) of sunstroke aged only 42 after a distinguished army career.



Ruth Middlecoat (Hambly)



Ann Scott (Hennah / Hambly)*



Richard Hambly*

Tregony, Victualler





IN CORNWALL 1650-1850






Nicholas Middlecoat Jnr


Tregony, Cornwall -

Inn Keeper, Entrepreneur, Bankrupt, Political Fixer, Convicted Electoral Briber, Political Writer & other things in his nearly 100 year life-span.



Jane Middlecoat (Saunders)**

and the Demountfryarts of 1600s Bodmin



Nicholas Middlecoat Snr**

Tregony Taylor


Surgeon Lt Col John Adolphus  Burton


Army surgeon / doctor

Went to leading Madras school for Anglo Indian boys.

Qualified as a doctor in Edinburgh.

Indian (Army) Medical Service (IMS).


Priscilla Burton (Webber)


bu St Thomas Mount, Madras


Jane (aka Johana) Webber (Dosseyn)


bu Washermanpettah, Madras


Gertruyda Henderina Dosseyn (Hoogland)






Jan Dosseyn





Henry Webber


Clerk (would have been denied an army role because of illegitimacy & mixed race)

bu St Mary, Madras



"Mother unknown (to son)"


or so the latter stated at his very mature age baptism, and certainly not married to father.




Maj-Gen Henry Webber


Madras Army & Braunton, Devon

bu Braunton St Brannock



Mary Webber (Incledon)**

Braunton, Devon

and the Incledon, Fane & Mildmay families.  bu Braunton St Brannock.



Philip Rogers Webber**

Braunton, Devon

and the Webber Pewterers of Barnstaple

bu Braunton St Brannock



Charles Benjamin Burton


Madras Presidancy

EICo Writer / Clerk

(would have been denied an army role because of mixed race)

bu St Thomas Mount, Madras



Susannah Burton (  / Habernack)


Madras, widow, not traced yet.

"Native" (=non-English probably) & signed 1817 marriage record with 'X'

bu St Mary, Madras













Conductor John Adolphus  Burton


Dublin labourer (from St Paul's Parish) - recruited on the streets of Dublin and shipped to Madras via Chatham to be Madras  artillery Matross then accelerated up to Conductor then busted back to Gunner (reason unknown) before early death.



John Adolphus Burton


Dublin St Mary





Alice Burton (Hall)


First wife












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Barnard Castle, Brignall, York (Walmgate / Fishergate), Bubwith, Scarborough


Frank Rex (Jimmy) Fletcher


Specialist Doctor

RAMC & Folkestone


Father's Father

Elizabeth Fletcher (Procter)


Elizabeth Procter (Dobson)




bu Manor Rd, Scarborough



Elizabeth Dobson (Stringer)




Bu Dean Rd, Scarborough



Mary Stringer (Short)





William Stringer






Elizabeth Stringer (Irish)*


Bluntisham-cum-Earith, Huntingdon



Edmund Stringer*






Matthew Dobson



Master Mariner

No ancestors, & evaporated early without trace!












Joseph Procter



Self made wealthy Draper

bu Manor Rd, Scarborough


Elizabeth Procter (Ashton)


A York girl who was widowed and left in poverty in 1842, then much later married George Kettlewell of Haxby.

Bu in Haxby.



Sarah Ashton (Stubbins)


Bubwith, then York



Saray Stubings (Heels)



Joseph Stubings





John Ashton


Bubwith, then York (Micklegate)

Coachman, labourer





Robert Procter


Barnard Castle, then

Walmgate / Fishergate Bar, York

Druggist who fell on hard economic times, died at only 48, and was buried in a public grave in York Cemetery.



Mary Procter (Harrison)


First of 3 wives

Barnard Castle gravestone







Joseph Procter


Barnard Castle

Chemyst, Grocer & Tea Dealer, Sun Insurance Agent



Elizabeth Procter (Hall)



Robert Procter*


Brignall, Rokeby and Barnard Castle



Frank Edward Fletcher


Yorkshire born & bred, then a  much loved Folkestone institution with a broad Yorkshire accent.  Organist, choir-master and music professor.


Maria Fletcher (Dixon)


Bride at 14, mother of 15 or 16 children all of whom grew to adulthood.

bu Manor Rd, Scarborough





Susan Dixon (Sutcliffe)

bu in Todmorden



Elizabeth (Bettey) Sutcliffe ( )





John Sutcliffe


W Yorkshire

Cotton mill owner / operator





William Dixon


Wadsworth, Land Mill,  Brooksmeeting Mill then Heywood.

W Yorkshire / Lancashire.

Skilled cotton mill operator / shopkeeper / political pamphleteer

bu in Todmorden



Mary Dixon (Hepworth)

bu in Todmorden





William Dixon


Shitlington, bu in Todmorden



William Dixon




John Fletcher


Oxenhope, W Yorkshire

Pulled himself free of a woolcomber family to train as a fitter & plumber, then moved to Scarborough (E Yorkshire) and set up an ironmonger's shop.

bu Manor Rd, Scarborough



Mary Fletcher (Rushworth)

bu Haworth



Sally Rushworth ( )





Thomas Rushworth

Far Oxenhope





Thomas Fletcher


Coldwell, Shaw Lane, Oxenhope.

Christened on Christmas Day 1799 in Haworth, and was "The Last Woolcomber in Coldwell" when he died aged 84 in 1883.



Grace Fletcher ( )


ch Heptonstall?, M ?, bu Haworth

Parents not yet located.





Thomas Fletcher


Coldwell, Woolcomber

ch & bu Haworth



James Fletcher*


Coldwell, Woolcomber

M with Banns in Bradford St Peter

ch & bu Haworth



Sarah Fletcher (Ratcliffe)*

ch & bu Haworth






West Yorkshire, then later Scarborough for John and Maria



Michael Fletcher




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* we have information about

more generations

** = lots more!